Defeating The Strongman

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Who is the strongman? Humanly, a strongman is a man who is stronger than his opponent. He knows much about him, his weaknesses and his strength and therefore knows where to hit him. The strongman in Mark 3:27 is Satan and his demonic power. His goods are his captives. "Spoiling his house" refers to setting at liberty those who are enslaved to satan. This power over satan is especially evident in the casting out of demons or evil spirits.

We can only get this power by receiving Him, believing in His word and His name. John 1:12. When you thus exercise by faith the authority and power in His word and His name in this spiritual battle, Jesus will automatically manifest at the battle scene, though invisible. He is with you to fight the battle on your behalf and win. The word of fire in your mouth is destructive to satan, his demons and their powers. Jeremiah 23:29. Victory is yours not because of you but because Jesus has already fought on your behalf.

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