Deliverance From Devourer

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Devourers are spirits that target the life of victims to convert them to desserts. Devourers can be attached to the foundation of a victim or his character. When an evil habit has become a strong hold, they can become the hiding place for devourers.

  • Foundational devourers are associated with some of the things in your life that are sources of financial curses.
  • Devourers plunder the people of God in various areas of their life: health, finances, relationship, marriage.
  • Devourer can be a generational problem. Generational devourers are passed from one generation to another.
  • Devourers are promoted by or come as a result of sin, negligence, witchcraft invocations, curses, the presence of evil covenants and/or disobedience.
  • When a devourer is in place, people work hard, but still remain within or below the poverty line. They earn much, but when they get home, it is leaked out of their pocket.

This prayer is for:

  • Those who are passing through constant financial hardship, despite their struggles;
  • Those whose health takes a down turn whenever good money enters their hand
  • Those who are sick any time they receive their wages
  • Those who are operating under a curse (personal or generational)
  • Those who are operating under evil covenant

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