Let There Be A Change

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"Let There Be A Change" is a must have Personal Deliverance prayer book that will transform your life and bring restoration into every area of your life. What is Deliverance? Deliverance means to loose the bounds of wickedness. A lot of people are under the bondage of wickedness. If you look at the lives of many people, you will discover a wide array of wicked occurrences. If your life is surrounded by wicked mysterious happenings, you need to seek deliverance as soon as possible. Deliverance centers on the destruction of the yoke of the enemy. A yoke is anything that hinders or sets you back. Whatever sets you back from moving forward in your life is a yoke. God’s will is that you move forward and attain divine goals set for your life. When the contrary happens, there is a bondage hanging above your life. Deliverance is to break curses and evil covenants. The ancestors of many people were cursed and the curses have flown down the family line. For example, if a person struggles without any tangible achievement in life, there is a problem somewhere.