Overcoming Impossibilities

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Some people have given up because of situation they find themselves and they think there is no way out, it is because they were ignorant of what the bible says in Luke 1:37 that “…With God all things are possible”.

I believe we are living at a time when the power of God needs to be demonstrated in order to show the modern man, the scientist, and the unbelievers, even your enemies that we serve the God of possibilities.

As you are listening to this message and prayer, if you are going through any unpleasant situation, identify such a challenge and begin to pray over it in your mind, there is power and an anointing that will flow through you to change your situation. Elizabeth was called “BARREN” but God turned that negative situation around and she became “FRUITFUL”- as the Mother of John the Baptist. Do you also desire the divine visit of God of possibilities? All what you need is an encounter with the force of the Almighty which can change those things considered impossible to become possible.

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